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Carbon black for
the rubber industry

Since 1995 our company has been engaged in shipping bulk technical (rubber industry) carbon black. We offer our services to both small and large businesses in this highly specialised sector and to everyone who needs an experienced, high-quality and reliable carrier. Our long-term experience with transporting carbon black is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

We are able to advise and accommodate our customers in a number of issues. We operate the latest technology, in particular special custom-made aluminium tanker trailers, which are the only trailers that can transport rubber carbon black without the goods becoming contaminated with metal, as is the case with some of the competing carriers that still use steel trailers.

We offer all the most commonly used types of trailers to transport carbon black, such as bulk tipper trailers, as well as fixed bulk-cargo bottom-discharge trailers and heavy-duty cylindrical trailers. With this technology we are able to ensure the efficient transport of any kind of carbon black. Thanks to the high loading volume and large payload we can help our customers achieve minimum costs as concerns tonnes of material transported!

A modern and regularly serviced fleet of trailers is a guarantee of quality for your customers who can come and inspect the quality of our technology at any time.

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