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Currently, in such a highly competitive environment, where costs are soaring and prices are falling, it is difficult for manufacturers and distributors of carbon black for the rubber industry to get ahead. Due to the rising costs of transport, our company has decided to expand our services and to offer customers significant discounts on the cost of transport.

By opening a logistics centre intended for storage and transhipment of carbon black we can offer customers a unique opportunity to reduce transport costs, in particular due to the substantial reduction of the journeys by silo-tankers.

Our advantageous position also allows us to offer the final recipient high flexibility in deliveries due to the afore-mentioned short transport distances, thereby significantly increasing the effectiveness of our services and their value for our customers.

Our company can thus offer its customers a guaranteed complete supply chain from the transport of containers, their emptying and return, storage of big bags, through transhipment or packing of the goods up to distribution to the customer either in bags, big bags or in silo-tankers as bulk goods.

We offer solutions for the complete supply chain:

  • Transport

  • Warehousing

  • Transhipping

  • Packing

  • Distribution

  • Customs services


Our logistics centre is located in the heart of Europe at Lázně Bělohrad in the Czech Republic.

Our transhipments are done in the most sensitive way possible, so not only do we maintain product quality during the transhipment, but by means of filters and magnets, this quality is further increased. We work with maximum regard for the environment and working conditions.

Our transhipment capacity is approximately 400 tonnes/day, this capacity can be increased depending on your needs.

Our company holds the ISO 9001 certificate of quality for transhipment and storage issued by TUV Nord! /certificate/

Other materials

We are able to ensure the transhipment of other materials at a completely separate self-contained site. Our transhipment capacity is around 200 tons/day.


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