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When PUMR & RYBA was established it began transporting food products and raw materials, which were initially transported using canvas trailers. As time went on and the fleet was expanded raw materials for the food industry were increasingly transported by silo-tankers. In particular, in the food industry, where the highest quality of service is required, our company maintains long-term customers and has successfully transported flour and sugars to the most demanding plants, with the highest requirements on quality, cleanliness and reliability.

We are able to unload all raw materials for the food industry, such as flour and sugar, using our compressor installed on the towing unit, which, without any contamination of the goods transported, supplies the relevant pressure and volume of air. Naturally, gravity unloading can be carried out, depending on the customer's needs and equipment. In this regard, it is also necessary to mention that we have a very large spectrum of the various types and standards of connectors used in Europe, which is why we are able to unload virtually anywhere. Once again, here too, just as in the case of transporting carbon black, we are ready to advise, assist, and consult with the customer and, if needs be, to visit the unloading site, so that cooperation and supply runs smoothly and at the required quality.

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